Al-Bsasr Caravans
Eye Hospitals
H.R. Development
Al-Bsasr Caravans
AL-Bbasar carvans
  • 60 - 70 Camp years
  • Each Lasts 7 - 10 days
  • 5000 - 7000 Patient are examined
  • 1000 Eye gaseous are distributed
Eye Hospitals
  • 29 Specialized eye hospitals
  • Countries (Asia & Africa)
  • Secondary & Tertiary equipped
  • Highly & Skilled man-power
  • Self - Sustained
H.R. Development
Due to the acute shortage of qualified technical personnel in the field of ophthalmology in most countries of Asia and Africa
Latest News
Finishing the 935th medical camp in Manikganj , Bangladesh.
The expansion of Kano hospital and introduction a new retinal surgery & treatment unit
The second batch of Ophthalmology assistants Diploma graduation Sudan
New website launched for AlBasar Foundation
In association with Mohammed & Ibrahim AlSubaiee - Saudi Arabia, Albasar Foundation has finished the BASAR TRIP medical campaign in the city of Manikganj , Bangladesh.(17-23\4\2012)which is 32th by Albasar foundation in Bangladesh    more ...
AlBasar foundation has opened the expansion of Mecca Eye Hospital in Kano. It includes full suite operation rooms and lecture hall and offices of the regional administration. In addition to patients rooms and waiting rooms for men and women.    more ...
Celebrating the graduation of a new batch of students of the Mecca Faculty of Ophthalmology at the Friendship Hall - Khartoum - Sudan, 11.26.2012, and this is the second batch of Diploma "Ophthalmology Assistants"    more ...
We have successfully launched the official website of AlBasar International Foundation.We are keen to have interactive communication channel with all supporters and those who wish to know more about the organization and its activities.    more ...